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Feedback from Our Members

The following is only a small portion of the feedback gathered from members of Philosophy Dinners groups around the world. You can view this feedback directly by accessing the individual Meetup groups here


Also, click here to view some pictures taken at some of our previous events around the world. 


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Here is some feedback from some recent events...


Date City Feedback
May 14, 2015 Toronto "Great company. Great food and service. It couldn't have been better and I look forward to another night."
May 14, 2015 Toronto "This was an enjoyable, stimulating and fun discussion group and topic. Both groups continued talking long after the 90 minute structured period and finally the Pickle Barrel turned on the lights. It was a great setting. Everyone brought interesting views, stories, and perspectives."
May 13. 2015 Brussels "A very good one with genuine discussions and great facilitator."
May 13, 2015 Mississauga "Thank you everyone for a terrific evening. I very much enjoyed getting to know a little about each of you, and hope to see you all again at future events!"
May 13, 2015 Wellington "Really interesting discussion guys!"
May 13, 2015 Brisbane "Excellent company and conversation"
May 10, 2015 Auckland "Interesting conversation and diverse opinions"
April 26, 2015 Melbourne "Another fun & interesting evening."
April 26, 2015 Shanghai Exactly the mental stimulation I was looking for with very nice people. Inspiring.”
April 26, 2015 Vancouver "I am impressed :)"
April 26, 2015 Vancouver "I'm impressed with the thoughtful responses to the themes of the day. The array of interpretations is what challenges my thinking and will keep me coming back. So glad I found this group."
April 26, 2015 Vancouver "It was a great way to meet a lot of awesome deep thinkers for the first time."
April 26, 2015 Vancouver "It was truly great to engage with everyone and I really enjoyed the great food for thought videos too! Thanks Glen! This was my second meetup with this group and I really like it."
April 8, 2015 Brisbane "Had a wonderfully enlightening evening, thank you all for attending."
April 8, 2015 Brisbane "Very interesting to share ideas, enabled me to challenge my thoughts"
April 8, 2015 Brisbane "Good conversation. Great company"
April 8, 2015 Brussels "Great discussion! Good seeing you."
April 8, 2015 Mississauga "A fun and stimulating evening. Thanks for the great facilitation Sharron and great discourse from everyone. I look forward to the next one!"
April 8, 2015 Mississauga "I want to thank Fay, Christene, and Dave for providing such wonderful company and stimulating conversation. I look forward to our next event!"
April 2, 2015 Toronto "An enjoyable experience with good discussion."
April 2, 2015 Calgary "Good, stimulating conversation and some good laughs. Thanks to all for a fun evening."
April 2, 2015 Seattle "I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone, and loved our discussion."
April 2, 2015 Victoria "Razique did a nice job facilitating and it was a nice time with some interesting perspectives expressed. Good people and respectful dialogue. Thnxs all!"
April 2, 2015 Victoria "The conversation was excellent"
April 2, 2015 Victoria "Really good to meet everyone, an enjoyable evening all around."
April 2, 2015 Winnipeg "Very enjoyable and informative"
April 2, 2015 Winnipeg "Fantastic group for a fantastic discussion. Lots of first timers (myself included), glad everything went well"
April 2, 2015 Winnipeg "Yes, thanks so much Krystal! And what an interesting discussion with an open, intelligent group!"
April 2, 2015 Winnipeg "Great Discussion Krystal, you were a great facilitator, really enjoyed the discussion"
April 2, 2015 Perth "I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone's ideas and perspectives. I'm fascinated by the fact that for the most part we were strangers but we all felt the need to meet and share our different philosophies."
April 1, 2015 Montreal "I enjoyed the talks and I believe everyone had a chance to speak up on each question."
April 1, 2015 Kitsilano "It exceeded my expectations. The attendees provided for very stimulating conversation, which is what I was looking for."
April 1, 2015 Wellington "I enjoyed the non-attachment dinner and discussion very much. A great group of people shared their ideas and insights, food for thought indeed!"
March 29, 2015 Auckland "Excellent! Interesting and respectful discussion."
March 29, 2015 Auckland "Agreed! Some really interesting food for thought."
March 29, 2015 Berlin "Wonderful discussion, nice to meet you all."
March 29, 2015 Berlin "It is always nice and rewarding to meet interesting people who have similar interests. We certainly spoke and shared many insights about topics related to our agenda. I think we will all agree that it was not boring for a single second! I would like to thank you all for your relevant contirbutions.
March 29, 2015 Portland "I had a wonderful time everyone. Very trusting, and thoughtful, and I look forward to seeing everyone again."
March 29, 2015 Portland "Really good insights from many different angles and life experiences."
March 29, 2015 Portland "It was a good discussion, with lots of deeper personal insights."

... and lots more feedback from various past events:


“It was a fantastic, thought-provoking and entertaining evening. Five strangers with five very different, yet similar lives. There was much to be shared and a lot to be learned!

"It was amazing, I met a lot of inspiring people - talked about interesting issues, with cultural differences, perspective differences and so on."

“Would recommend to anyone willing to challenge the status quo in a creative and productive manner. I find it is perfectly suited to anyone with a rational sense of morality and respect.”

"Interesting. Thought-provoking. Challenged my ideas about myself."

“It is a delightful evening of discussion that is rare to come by in our day to day lives.

"This was my first time attending as well as being the facilitator and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and each of the other attendees seemed to have a good time as well. I did not have to do much, each person contributed positively and proactively and listened respectfully to everyone else."

“A fun event with thought-provoking conversation and a good venue to meet new and interesting people. 

"Excellent topic and view points. David did a great job of keeping the meeting flowing. Everyone participated and I found the discussion fascinating and with grow potential to observe myself as to my ethics and morals in the future! Thank you...."

"A great night. Lovely mix of people - thoughtful, sharing, listening, respectful... a little bit of heaven. Now I'm really hooked and won't miss the next one."

"A fantastic idea."

"Brilliant, I felt like a lot of cobwebs were blown away."

"Great event, wonderful people, lots of interesting discussion. The facilitator notes were very comprehensive, but weren't needed after a while, as the conversation flowed naturally by itself! A lovely evening out."

"I think it's a great way to meet like-minded people and share insights. Hope to have more events like this."

"Wonderful group of people and interesting discussion. I don't think we've solved the world's problems yet... but give us time, like another millennium or more."

"Great group of thinkers! I enjoyed everyone's thoughts and company."

"The brain food that I crave."

"I had an excellent time meeting everyone and I enjoyed the discussion."

"A very enjoyable evening, I met some lovely people, I hope to see again. We had some thought provoking discussions with a few ideas I shall look-up to find out more."

 "Good discussion, good people, good event."

 "very good indeed!!!"

 "A thoughtful and good group of folks."

 "What a gift it was. I felt like I had sat down in another world, a world far from the routines and immediacies of everyday life. Great discussion."

 "I enjoyed meeting my fellow attendees: I felt that the group was friendly, the conversation flowed nicely, and we had an interesting, lively discussion on various aspects relating to the topic at hand. :-)"

 "This was my first time at an event like this. Small groups with the list of quotes, questions and prompts works well!"

 "I enjoyed the evening and would attend again."

 "Good group where everyone gets a chance to give their input. I hope to come out again! :)"

 "It's the first one I've been to, looking forward to the next one."

 "It was great. I enjoyed the discussions and everyone's contribution."

 "The gathering of intelligent people to hold discussions about ideas is, unfortunately, not common enough. This is a good way to re-energize the good ol' fashioned idea of sitting down and talking with people."

 "Like a nice dinner party with interesting guests. Quite non-technical."

 "It was fantastic to connect with such lovely people and discuss the meaning of life!"

 "Great discourse...very lively and interesting."

 "Great group of people! I will be back for a future Philosophy Dinner! Thanks for setting this up Glen, you are a visionary."

 "From what I've seen so far, this being my first meetup with this group, it appears that the participants are both thoughtful and open minded."

 "The discussion was lively and interesting and I left the dinner with new insights and many ideas to reflect on. Julie did a super job facilitating and I loved meeting her, Gina and Peter. They all three are intelligent, kind, thoughtful Good Citizens. Glen, thank you so much for arranging this meetup."

 "Interesting conversation with many different perspectives. Time well spent!"

 "I thought the content of discussion was really interesting and really well prepared."

 "A wonderful concept ! I'm looking forward to coming to more meetups !!"

 "Absolutely excellent group, been to 3 meetups so far and each one has been fun, thought provoking and filled with the right mix of on-topic discussion with some leeway added in. This group is the real deal! :)"


 "This was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed the debate."

 "So far, so good... :)"

 "Great people. Great conversation."

 "Excellent engagement and very respectful of alternative perspectives. A huge hit for me!"


 "As always it is a very organized night. Very enjoyable. Nourishing to the mind and soul."

 "Nice mix of theorising and casual conversation, with an emphasis on applying philosophy to how we live our lives."

 "This was my first meetup with the group. I enjoyed it and am looking to attend more."

 "Great fun and interesting group."

"I'd definitely come again. It's great meeting you guys!!! :)"

"Worth the time and then some."

"I am very pleased with this meetup group."

"This was my first time out. I was impressed by the variety and quality of the people, good gender balance, well-organized."

"This is great. It's very well-organized and lots of fun."

"A humble group."

"I enjoyed it and it was helpful to have a leader in the group who had questions and started it all off."

"Fabulous group! I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening filled with thought provoking, animated conversations... with fascinating, truly intelligent people with a diverse range of perspectives."

"A group full of positive energy and willing to share their feelings and beliefs."

"Interesting topic and had a good discussion. :)"

"Great discussion. Really enjoyed it."

"It was good to meet everyone. Deep and satisfying discussion."

Calopia Glen Brauer

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