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Upcoming Events

When is the next event taking place?

Click here to view when the next event will be taking place in your city. Click here to find out how to help boost the attendance for events in your city.


What is the topic for the next event?

Click here to view the upcoming topics for this year. If you miss a topic, don't worry, it will come around again.


What is the format for our events?

Click here to view the format for our events.


Is there anything I should do to prepare for the upcoming event?

Yes indeed! Click here to view some best practices in the interest of having the most enjoyable event possible.



Payments and Refunds

Click here for all payment related questions


Waiting Lists

I'm currently on the waiting list along with several other people. Why won't you open up an additional table in order to allow us to attend this event?

We try to accommodate all members who are interested in attending our events and this does involve increasing the available spots to accommodate additional members. Unfortunately, some members RSVP very close to the event which makes it difficult to find last minute discussion facilitators. It's also been proven that many members who are on the waiting list do not take the time to remove themselves from this list once they've made other plans. This in turn provides a false sense of demand to open up the event to an additional table. In short, the best way to ensure your spot at one of our events is to RSVP early. 


Signing Up to Events

I'm having problems signing up to an upcoming event, what should I do?

First, make sure that you are signed in to the Meetup website. You then need to be on the event page for the specific event that you want to sign up for. Click the link below for additional steps once you are signed in.

Click here to view screen shots to assist you



Click here to view the facilitator FAQs



I didn't like the food/parking situation/service (etc) at the restaurant for the last event. Where do I send my feedback?

Leave a comment on the event page for that event, perhaps you're not the only one. If it looks like the current venue is not working out then I will send out a poll with venue suggestions for our members to vote on. These suggestions will include feedback from the event pages.


I am the manager/owner of a restaurant and I would like to host Philosophy Dinners events. What do I do?

Click here to contact us, and send us the reasons why you believe that your venue would be a good fit for our group.



Code of Conduct

What standards of behavior are allowed in these groups?

Any members who are considered disrespectful to other members are removed from this group. Also, any members who show a lack of respect to our policies or procedures as in the case of bypassing the Meetup system (and just showing up to events without paying) are also removed from this group; in the cases where members are required to pay in advance online.


Member Feedback

I have observed someone in a previous event who did not behave respectfully towards myself or someone else in our group. Where should I send me feedback?

All feedback regarding fellow members is kept strictly confidential. Please send us any feedback you may have in order for our events to continue to be a safe and friendly place for meaningful conversations.

Click here to contact us with your feedback



Is it possible for the events in our group to be held at the same day each month so I can better plan for them?

Yes, several groups already have regularly scheduled events (click here to view). This usually requires several events to take place first in order for a group to gather momentum and regular attendees. If a group is struggling to have the minimum of 6 people signing up (and attending) events, then often a poll is sent out to members in order to determine the best date for the next event. In contrast, some of our larger groups (such as Toronto PD and Melbourne PD) have multiple tables of 6 people at each event, and multiple events taking place each month. Once a group has had several successful events then a poll will be sent to members to determine one or more regularly scheduled events to take place each month.



Email Addresses

Could you please use a different email address when sending me updates about events?

Sorry, this is out of our control since email notifications are automatically sent to the email that you associate with your Meetup profile. Access your Meetup profile to change this.


I'd like to leave this Meetup group so please stop sending me any notifications about upcoming events.

To stop receiving emails about upcoming events you can change your email notifications in your Meetup profile. To remove yourself from one of our Meetup groups then follow these instructions via the Meetup site to proceed with this.


Organizer Information

Click here for information on how our events are coordinated


Promoting Events Outside of Philosophy Dinners

Due to our requests from members we made it a policy to not advertise events outside of the ones which we provide. The alternative can lead to insinuations of favouritism if we only promote some outside events, or an inundation of promotions should we accept to promote all the requests that we receive (which are more than you might think).


Suggesting Ideas for Topics

If you're interested in suggesting a topic for one of our upcoming events, please click here to take a look at our topics page first. As explained on this page, our topics are meant to showcase our shared insights in order to make philosophy practical for everyday life.

Click here to contact us with your topic suggestion


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